We believe we are unique in our approach to Chiropractic and patient care for many reasons:

1.  We are a very family-friendly office.  We see folks of all ages and have the ability to serve newborns to the elderly in a friendly environment that is easy to move about.

2.  We seek to find the cause of what may be causing your body to not work optimally.  Most Chiropractors are concerned with reducing pain, decreasing stiffness and increasing range of motion.  These are wonderful things to do, but they tend to be temporary "fixes" to a more serious problem.  Our practice is focused on detecting improper positioning of bones in your spine (vertebral subluxations) which may be adversely affecting how your nerve system functions and, thus, how your body heals.

3.  We very effectively communicate with you along the entire process of discovery so that we understand your concerns and you understand our processes.

4.  We use carefully selected tests that help us determine if you have improperly positioned bones in your spine that may be negatively affecting how your nerve system works.  Once we find them, we determine the best method(s) to work with your body type in order to correct the spinal bone position(s).

5.  We have set prices for our services. As of August 1, 2021 are prices are: New Patient examinations ($325, not including adjustment), re-examinations ($125, not including adjustment) and office visits ($75, check up and adjustment when necessary).  There is no guessing about the costs of your care plan, and we discuss our recommended plans with you in great detail so that you may make well-informed decisions about your care.

Unlike many other Chiropractic offices, we only provide Chiropractic Care.  We leave things like nutrition, personal training, and stress management to those who have extensive training in those areas.  We focus our work on your spine and nerve system to provide you the very best care possible.

The first visit in our office takes between 40-60 minutes during which we find out as much about your health history as possible.  Once we have completed the consultation, we may mutually choose to proceed to a thorough evaluation of your spinal structure, using specific tests to help guide us in our discovery phase.

Once we have collected all of the data we need, we will schedule a second visit for a conference time together so that we may go over the results of your tests and discuss our specific recommendations for your care.  This second appointment will take about 15-20 minutes. 

Subsequent visits will take between 2-5 minutes as we will have already collected data about your spine and set goals for your care. Regular visits are scheduled to see if and where you will need your spine adjusted. We respect your time and know that you have a busy life that does not need to be slowed down by waits and long visit times.  We always place your care needs first and if there is a situation where you need more time with us, we will gladly accommodate that need.  Our visits are not based on time, but rather are based on expertise...knowing if you need to be adjusted, where you need to be adjusted and how you need to be adjusted.

Periodic evaluations will be performed to make sure we are on track to achieve the goals that have been agreed upon.  The re-evaluation days will take about 20 minutes to perform the tests.

Once we complete this first phase of care, we will discuss your progress in detail and move you into a phase of care to keep your progress in check.  This will likely be fewer visits over a greater period of time, depending upon your lifestyle and test results.

We focus on your spine and nerve system.  Here are some of our trusted resources that we refer to for other areas of your life:

Acupuncture (fertility): 

Acupuncture (pediatric): 

Anxiety/Weight Loss:


Massage (Donna Cohen comes to you): 650-637-1561

Financial Planning: 


Home Care:


Functional Medicine:

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