If you seek to experience life to its fullest, regardless of symptoms,

we are the office for you.

Our goal is to keep you healthy, to help reduce stress and to raise your spirits so that you can be the best you can be.

It is incredibly easy to get started  with us and we are certain that once you experience our care, you will ask yourselves why you didn't see us 6 months ago.

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We won't tell you why you need care...

we will show you test results that speak for themselves. 

Experience Specific Check Ups and Chiropractic Adjustments in Redwood City; Providence Chiropractic Center Chiropractic adjustments

Use Our On Line Scheduler (the orange pop up button on the lower right of your screen) To Find A Day And Time That Is Convenient For You!

We Focus On The Structural Integrity Of Your Spine

Because Of Its Profound Effect On Your Nerve System And

On Your Ability To Heal And Be Well.

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Our Declaration of Purpose

We at Providence Chiropractic Center stand for a world where everyone who chooses has the opportunity to express their fullest inborn potential.

We recognize that we live our lives through our nerve systems.

Science tells us that anything that interferes with the information that travels within our nerve system results in reduced opportunity for full expression of our inborn potential.

Misaligned spinal bones can create such interference.

Chiropractors are trained to locate and remove

the cause of nerve interference.

Without this interference, we believe we will live in a more compassionate and highly-functioning society where we care for one another, raise healthy children and leave our planet better than we found it. 

Our purpose is to facilitate this societal improvement via chiropractic care.

Want to know if your body is expressing its maximum inborn potential?

We can tell you AND show you.